Posted on 4/15/2024

Our First Blog Post

This is the first post of our blog. In deciding whether we would start posting a regular blog to the Ascendor Wealth website, we asked ourselves an honest question. Why?

In the financial services industry, it seems that everyone sends content, it is just what is done. As we decided whether to do the same thing, we gave serious thought to how a blog would enhance our function and mission as a comprehensive financial planning firm. Honestly, after some thoughtful evaluation, we decided not to subscribe to a content service so we could send the same canned articles about the same general topics that populate most of the millions of articles that are sent by financial firms each quarter. We made this decision because we have designed a financial planning firm that really is different. 

If you are reading this post, then you are either a client or have been introduced to our firm. You know that we are an independent fee-based firm that has access to a wide array of asset management and financial products without being beholden to anyone but our clients. You also know that the firm is managed by tax and estate planning attorneys and professionals that have approached financial planning with the client’s best interest in mind. 

So, if we have taken great care in designing a unique client-first approach for our firm and staffed it with superior expertise in financial planning, tax law, finance, and estate planning, then why would we produce a blog that is just like all the rest? We won’t. You need to be able to understand the big picture and interpret the chatter to make decisions as to what is best for your personal financial future. We hope that the future posts of our blog will help you do just that.